Cool Canine Trinket or Key Holder

SKU: 2118 ISBN: 4827230021188

Holder for small things "Cool Canine"

"Cool Canine" is not just a holder for small things, but a creative accent in your interior, embodied in the form of a stylized dog with glasses. Its unique design will certainly attract the attention of guests and add a playful mood to any space.

Key Features:

  • Trendy design: The spectacled dog sculpture brings an element of playfulness and style to home decor.
  • Universal use: Ideal for storing not only candy, but also keys, jewelry or as an independent decorative element.
  • Vibrant color palette: The rich blue color with a glossy finish makes this holder an expressive element of the decor.
  • High quality materials: Made of durable ceramics, guaranteeing long-term use and preservation of appearance.
  • Practicality: Easy to care for, does not require special maintenance and is easy to clean.


  • Material: Ceramics with metal decorative details.
  • Color: Blue with black and gold accents.
  • Additional features: Stable construction with a non-slip base for safe use on various surfaces.

With the "Cool Canine" holder, every day in your home will radiate originality and style, and storing small things will turn into art.

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