Organizer for cosmetics

SKU: 0168 ISBN: 4825020801682

Cosmetic organizer with drawers "Mint Freshness"

The cosmetic organizer "Mint Freshness" is designed for elegant and functional storage of cosmetics. Its simple yet stylish design will add brevity and order to your dressing table or bathroom, providing easy access to all the essentials.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design: Designed with maximum convenience in mind, each drawer opens easily, providing quick access to cosmetics.
  • Space saving: The compact size of the organizer allows you to fit a large number of items without taking up much space.
  • Multifunctionality: Compartments of different sizes are ideal for storing various cosmetics and accessories.
  • Modular system: The organizer can be easily combined with other products in the series to create an individual storage solution.
  • Stylish appearance: Mint color and concise design make this organizer an elegant addition to the interior.


  • Material: Recycled plastic
  • Color: Mint
  • Dimensions: 23*20*16.5 cm.
  • Additional features: 3 or 1 large compartment, smooth extension, easy cleaning

Mint Freshness Cosmetic Organizer is the perfect way to add organization and style to your daily self-care routine. It will not only bring aesthetics to the interior, but also provide convenient and efficient storage of your favorite cosmetics. Order your copy today and enjoy a perfectly organized space!


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