Organizer for accessories and keys "Forest Deer"

SKU: 0083 ISBN: 4825020800838

Organizer for accessories "Forest Deer"

"Forest Deer" is a stylish organizer for accessories, inspired by the warmth of forest coziness. Its unique deer shape makes it not only a practical storage item, but also an elegant decoration for any interior.

Key Features:

  • Natural design: Perfectly embodies forest motifs with a convenient shape for storing various items.
  • Multi-functionality: Designed to store accessories, everyday items or as an elegant home decor.
  • Quality of materials: Made of durable plastic, ensuring durability and stability.
  • Compact: Suitable for use in limited space, providing organization without clutter.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Goes well with a variety of decor styles, adding warmth and originality.


  • Material: High-quality plastic.
  • Color: Deep brown with natural wood accents.

The "Forest Deer" organizer creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony, ideal for those looking for ecological design and practicality in a single product.


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