Multi-level organizer for food

SKU: 0027 ISBN: 4825020800272

Multi-level organizer for food "Crystal Clear Catering"

"Crystal Clear Catering" is an elegant multi-level organizer that allows you to present a variety of dishes while keeping them fresh and attractive. This organizer is perfect for parties, events and holiday gatherings.

Key Features:

  • Transparent design: Made of transparent material that allows you to easily see the contents of each level.
  • Multi-level: Four different levels for placing dishes, which saves space and improves presentation.
  • Ease of use: Each level is equipped with removable covers for easy access and to maintain hygiene.
  • Durability of materials: Made of high-quality plastic, which ensures durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Elegance: The modern look of the organizer will add luxury to any feast.


  • Material: Transparent strong plastic.
  • Size: 26.5*24.5*11 cm.
  • Additional features: Ergonomic handles for easy portability.

Multi-level organizer "Crystal Clear Catering" is a modern solution for stylish and practical table setting.


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