Dispenser for groats

SKU: 0001 ISBN: 4825020800012

Innovative multi-chamber container for storing dry products with the function of 360° rotation

Introducing our Innovative Multi-Compartment Container, designed for efficient organization and easy access to your dry products. Its unique 360° rotatable design makes choosing the right ingredient simple and convenient.

Key features:

  • Six Transparent Cameras: Allows you to easily identify the contents and monitor the supply of your beans, grains or spices.
  • Convenient Swivel System: Easily rotates to access each compartment, providing ease of use.
  • Bright Design: A lively green base with yellow accents adds modern color and energy to the kitchen.
  • Pouring dispenser: The bottom part with a transparent dispenser allows you to accurately measure the required amount of products.
  • Ease of Use: The easy-to-use product dispensing mechanism is provided by pressing a button or turning the container.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality plastic
  • Dimensions: 27*27 cm.
  • Features: Multi-chamber design, 360° rotation function, sprinkler

This multi-compartment container is the perfect solution for organized dry food storage, ensuring easy access and freshness of the ingredients needed for every culinary masterpiece.


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