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Collection of Ceramic Cups "Warm Histories"

This collection of "Warm Histories" cups is designed so that each of your drinks is not just tasty, but also filled with wonderful emotions. Each cup has a unique design with cute images and inscriptions that make you smile and create an atmosphere of joy and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Individual design: From cats dreaming of fish to fascinating hares, each motif is unique.
  • Emotional connection: Inscriptions on the cups, such as "every day there are happy days", promote a positive mood.
  • Variety of colors: Soft pastel tones add casualness and style.
  • Versatility: The cups are suitable for all kinds of drinks, from hot tea to aromatic coffee.
  • High-quality ceramics: Made of high-quality material for long-term use.


  • Material: Durable ceramic with a glossy surface.
  • Color range: The set includes cups in different color options.
  • Care: The cups are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Volume: 400 ml.
  • Complete set: Each cup comes with a matching saucer.

The "Warm Histories" collection of cups is designed to add a little joy to your home or office and create special moments every time you drink. They are ideal for personal use or as a cute and original gift for friends and family.

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