Ceramic cup

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Ceramic Mugs with Designer Handles

Bring sophistication and style to your daily coffee or tea drinking rituals with our exclusive ceramic mugs. These unique accessories for your kitchen or office combine functionality with unique aesthetics that instantly turn heads.

Key Features:

  • Innovative technologies: Each mug is created using modern firing methods, which ensures its strength and resistance to high temperatures.
  • Environmental friendliness: The materials used to make the mugs are environmentally friendly and safe for the environment.
  • Unique design: The handles of the circles have the original shape of a pearl necklace, which adds elegance and individuality to each model.
  • High durability: High-quality ceramics ensure the durability of the product and its ability to withstand daily use.
  • Exclusivity: A variety of colors and designs make these mugs unique and desirable elements of any collection.


  • Material: High-quality ceramics
  • Color: White, pink, blue
  • Size: Standard mug volume
  • Volume: 350 ml.
  • Additional features: Heat resistance, suitable for washing in a dishwasher

We invite you to purchase these wonderful ceramic mugs, which will become not only reliable companions of your morning ritual, but also an expressive accent of the interior. They are perfect as a gift or as an elegant addition to your home collection. Get yourself the ultimate beverage tasting experience today!

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